Whether you are suffering from a concussion, improving your memory, or just want to have a healthier brain, there are certain foods to eat to improve its function. These “superfoods” help maintain the health of your brain if added into your diet. They add vitamins, minerals, and nutrients that are good for your health.



A study done by the University of Exeter in the UK has found that blueberries are full of antioxidant-rich flavonols. The fruits are also referred to as brainberries due to their nutrients acting as a protection to the brain cells from oxidative damage. They also help improve short-term memory loss and can even reverse the loss of balance and coordination. Blueberries that have a darker hue contain more antioxidants. Add about a ½ cup serving per day to pancakes, smoothies, or yogurt and enjoy these protective tasty fruits.



Walnuts provide a combination of antioxidants and omega-3 fatty acids that improve your mental performance. These nuts are packed with almost twice the antioxidants of other nuts. The omega-3, DHA, improves your cognition and mood which walnuts contain. Mix these in your salads, muffins, or pasta for a protein-packed snack.


Wild Salmon

This salmon helps your body produce omega-3s since in cannot do it on its own. Experts recommend salmon because it is one of the richest in omega-3s. Like walnuts, it contains docosahexaenoic acid or DHA and helps maintain the health of your brain cells while improving the memory and mental cognition. Add this to your meals at least twice a week and see why it is quite the catch!



These tiny trees contribute to the growth of your brain. It contains sulforaphane which promotes repair and growth of your brain’s tissue. Sulforaphane has antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties that can be found in certain vegetables. Broccoli can be added to your salads, pastas, or even as a dipper, or a side-dish. There are many ways to implement this vegetable into your daily life.


Dark Chocolate

It is nice to hear that you can treat yourself to something sweet while you are being healthy. Dark chocolate has high levels of flavonols that help improve the blood flow to the brain. This in turn increases the cognitive function and memory. Not only do they physically help your brain but they also help psychologically. It has been found that dark chocolate can reduce depression and anxiety. Though it is nice to have a sweet treat every once and awhile, do not overindulge and try to only intake two squares a day!


You can use these superfoods as bases in your meal-prep during the week. Don’t forget that other foods are important to maintain a healthy and balanced diet!