Alexander Neumeister


Neuroscience & Psychiatry

Professor, medical researcher, neuroscience specialist, psychiatrist — you name it, and Alexander Neumeister has undoubtedly done it. With extensive experience in translational science, pre-clinical models, data review and analysis, and global plan development, Dr. Neumeister is a master of his trade and never ceases to drive the medical field forward with his innovations and research.

About Alexander

After graduating high school, Alexander Neumeister immediately pursued his passion for studying medicine. During his time in Vienna, Austria, Alexander earned his medical degree and entered a residency program where he began to focus on psychiatry, child and adolescent psychiatry, psychology, and neurology for his specialties. Today, he is certified in psychiatry and neurology. After completing his residency, Alexander decided to stay in Austria for his clinical years. It wasn’t until 1996 that he moved back to the United States to embark on his research.

While Neuroscience is fascinating in its own respect due to the field’s recent breakthroughs in understanding the brain, neurons and related behaviors, Mr. Neumeister had more personal reasons for pursuing a career in this field. Alexander’s closest friend in high school suffered from mental illness which caused him to commit suicide. Alexander often accompanied his friend to treatments and would always wonder why nothing seemed to work. From that year forward, Mr. Neumeister made a commitment to himself and science to dedicate his career to better understanding the brain to help create an improved foundation for treatment.

Alexander Neumeister’s passion for psychology also stems from the tragedy of losing his best friend at such a young age. During his career, Alexander had the privilege of meeting Dr. Roland Kuhn, the man who invented and described the anti-depressant effects of medication. Subsequent conversations with him drove him to add pharmacology to his growing list of specialties along with neuroscience.

To date, Alexander has written in leading neuroscience journals. Not only has his research advanced the field significantly, but Mr. Neumeister is a master of collaboration and bringing together bright minds to find solutions. Through these collaboration sessions, they have, as a team, brought several molecules into proof of concept and proof of mechanism studies involving different neuropsychiatric and medical patient populations. Alexander isn’t afraid to bring in new team members from multi-disciplinary fields, as he believes this can only add value to the research.

Throughout his entire educational and professional career, Alexander has consistently volunteered for a wide variety of organizations in his community. He organized summer camps for children with cancer, started a soup kitchen and helps them twice a week, regularly visits retirement communities to visit the elderly and assists with recreation development, and he is working closely with colleagues in the DR Congo to help understand the impact of trauma in the area. There is no area of service he dedicates all of his time to; however, Mr. Neumeister gives much of his time to helping as many people in all types of situations as he can.